Years ago, I met a man who had just retired and was about to go to University to study History, a subject he loved and something he had always wanted to do.  I remember thinking how wonderful to have the time to follow a passion. I have carried this memory with me for 20 years and it has inspired me to return to formal education in my retirement.  Having been persuaded not to go to Art College as a teenager, this has been the right time and Anteros have given me the opportunity to do so.

Ever since my very first art lesson in school, I have loved painting still life: the colours, the textures, the composition.  The Anteros Diploma Course has enabled me to try many other subjects and media and broadened my experience.  The focus on observational and life drawing has improved my drawing skills immensely and I have used this to inform my still life paintings.  Having put down a good drawing as a basis, I like to use a combination of bold brushstrokes and palette knife to create an expressive painting.

I am inspired by techniques used in photography to create interesting compositions by cropping subjects and using lighting.  Some of my flower paintings have been created from a collaboration with a friend who is an interior designer and talented flower arranger (Egon Walesch Interiors & Flowers @egondesign.co.uk).  His collection of pots and his eye for colour and shape enable him to create beautiful, contemporary still life arrangements, which I then paint.